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bisnar13 is a studying 15-year-old boy from Phillipines, born the 13th of April 1999, and a modelling member of the Hive Workshop, making both animated and unanimated models. bisnar13 is a member of the following 11 social groups; BTEK Project Team, Doodad Makers, Dragons, Dumbledores Army, Fsjals!, Jim Carrey Fan Club, Kaelicious (Where he got the roleplaying character of a skeletal felhound pet, for Am'ar Kardos' family, being the mount of Am'ar's adopted son David, and later his other son, Kenny), Random Lulzerz, The Elder Scrolls Fangroup, The Hive Workshop Minecrafters and The Pinoy Resources Society.
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bisnar13's favorite Warcraft race is the human, and favorite organization is the Frostwolf Clan.

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