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 Frankster was a German Staff Member of The Hive Workshop. Ralle demoted him when the community got seriously screwed up. He creates models related to Gems, Sci-fi, Blood Elves, Tanks and many more. He was a Modelling Moderator, then an Art Director at some point.

His Interests are Modelling, Drawing, Sports & Hanging out with his friends. His favorite race is Pandaren and clan is Blood Knights .

Personality Edit

Frankster is known to be... frank. He heavily enforced the rules during his time as a staff member.

He doesn't do requests.

Awards Received:

  • FormermoderatorFormer Staff Member
  • Modeling08 3rdModeling Contest #8 - Third Place
  • Modeling14 2ndModeling Contest #14 - Runner Up
  • Modeling16 2ndModeling Contest #16 - Runner Up
  • Pairedmodelingtexturing01 3rdPaired Modeling/Texturing Contest #1 - Third Place

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