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Hera_ (Formerly known as "juno") is a 16-year-old Hive member from Cebu City, Philippines, known for wandering around several of the forums and helping out in the World Editor Help Zone, and for providing helpful feedback to modders of the site. He is an active member of The Pinoy Resources Society, and also a formerly well-known 

member of Kaelicious, the Role Playing social group, before his username was changed on the site from "juno" to "Hera_", roleplaying as a small cute kitten and now plans to roleplay as a girl from the anime Chobits. Apart from Kaelicious and PRS, Hera_ is a member of 5 social groups. He is the creator of the three popular projects; Hive Arena , Heroes Lore : Zero  and In Memoriam and has also released a template for an AOS map and a 

minigame called Marathon of DOOM . Sadly, Hive Arena and the Heroes Lore : Zero thread has been closed due to the lack of activity in both of the projects. However, Hera_ is planning to restart Heroes Lore but with a new lore and much improved terrain, though it is still being planned out and a new thread hasn't been made yet, he has 


One of Hive Arena's several signatures, created by UndeadImmortal.

disposed of the info that the new version of the game is named Heroes Lore : Desolation

Hera_'s favourite Warcraft race is the Arakkoa, and 

favourite organization is the Kirin Tor. He likes reading books, drawing, watching anime, and hang out with his friends. Additionally, Hera_ is also known in several forums as The Rising Demon or Rising Demon due to some cases in the past that he needed to hide his identity to some forum. He is also an administrator and is one of the site founder of another modding community named The WarCraft 3 Modding Realm or simply .w3m . Hera_, is also a Community and Chat moderator in yet another modding site namely Blizzard Modding Info


Latest version of the logo for Heroes Lore : Zero, an RPG mod based on a mobile game with the same name.

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