The Hive Chat [1] (also known as "THW Chat" or "The Hive Workshop Chat") is a place where the Hive's busy bees may interact with one another on a real-time basis: here a member can meet other members, discuss the site, ask for help, chat about WarCraft 3 or any other subject that's important to the member.

Screenshot of the Hive Chat.

The chat room is unlike most other internet chat formats. It is a custom program, custom built with PHP/MySQL/AJAX/JavaScript. Only THW's registered users may participate in this chat room: outsiders using mIRC or other software are not allowed access. A log is kept of all chat room messages; please do not post any personal or sensitive information.


The chat has rules that will be enforced as best as the staff present at the time can. All standard site rules apply to the chat, though they will be listed again for your convenience. Do keep in mind that if a member breaks the rules in the chat, he/she may also be punished on the site.

  • No trolling.
  • No trading.
  • No spamming.
  • No flaming or bickering or senseless arguing.
  • No advertising of things unrelated to games supported by the website.
  • No discussion of pirating, hacking, unprotecting maps or the means to do any of them.
  • No discussing of racist, nazi, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, sexist, sexually-orientated, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive material. Violators will be punished by an immediate chat ban. The duration will depend on how extreme it is and how many times the user has broken rules in the past.

The Hive's moderators cannot monitor the chat 24/7, so it is not guaranteed that the chat to be a safe place to be in. If a member feel that somebody has treated him/her poorly, he/she can use the /report command described below to tell the moderators if something is going on.

If a member disagree with a punishment that has been made against him/her, he/she should leave chat and post a screenshot and explanation of the circumstance to the administration via the Admin Contact forum. Varying degrees of offenses may result in more pronounced punishments. Subsequent offences made by any user may result in a permanent ban from chat until sufficient discussion and understanding has been had via Admin Contact with the administration of the site. A member may repeal any action taken against him/her if he/she feel it to be unjust, he/she should post such appeals in the Admin Contact forum.

In general, just be friendly, respect other users, remain dignified, and have fun.

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