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The Prodigy is a 18-year-old Hive member. Even though he has only recently joined The Hive Workshop, he has already participated in a number of forums and is already an active member of Kaelicious, the Role Playing social group. Apart from Kaelicious, The Prodigy is also a member of 2 social groups which are the Starcraft 2 Pro Players and the Strategy and Risk players! . He is the creator a project named Defense of the World Tree (DWT).  His favourite Warcraft race is the Arakkoa, and favourite organization is the Kirin Tor. The prodigy is good at drawing and terraining, triggerring and making maps as well.
  • Berkastel.gif One of DWT's gameplay screenshots
  • Berkastel.gif One of DWT's gameplay screenshots
  • Berkastel.gif A gameplay screenshot taken just before the first wave starts
  • Berkastel.gif A pre-alpha gameplay screenshot -As described by The Prodigy
  • Berkastel.gif The castle being protected in the first part of the trio map I'm making. -As described by The Prodigy
  • Berkastel.gif Final part of the TD. There's actually 5 stages in this TD map. -As described by The Prodigy

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