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The Reborn Devil (Also known as "TRD") is a 19-year-old programmer from Larvik, Norway, who used to be a spells & systems moderator, but like his brother shiiK, he left in protest during the hard Zero Tolerence-times. He is a member of the following 6 social groups; Botdom, Fsjals!, Grammar Critiques, Hive Workshop Programmers, Hive's Battlefield : Project Team and The Pedobear Cult.

The Reborn Devil's signature simply says "<3 enjoy <3 :D" with bold letters, and is obvioulsy refering to the other member, enjoy, who in turn wrote "<3 The_Reborn_Devil <3 :D". He selected the Undead to be his favourite Warcraft race, and the Kirin Tor to be his favourite organization. He likes moderating and modding. The Reborn Devil's proven strenght is in programming.

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